Christopher Jessulat

Born in Moncton, but setting roots in Saint John, Christopher Jessulat has been a lifelong bookworm. Seeking an outlet that could accommodate his love of creative writing and the post-apocalyptic / science fiction / survival genres, his most recent project quickly took on a life of its own, culminating in his first published novel, The Decline.

Though juggling professional, personal and writing aspirations pose their challenges, Christopher is busy working on the second installment of The Decline series while cultivating a handful of other potential sources of future inspiration.

The Decline (summary)

The outbreak devastated entire nations; what little hope would be found here?

It has been weeks since the First Wave broke, and a woefully unprepared mankind has steadily lost ground to the tide of infected. Overwhelmed by the sheer number and ferocity of the afflicted, the official response has abandoned its inland posts and collapsed back to the last line of defensible terrain. 

Cut off from rescue and resupply, a desperate pocket of survivors cling to the notion of humanity while faced with a grim decision – is it worth it to be the last survivors of the human race, if you lose your humanity in the process

Thoughtful and tense, The Decline is a gripping, atmospheric exploration of loss, isolation, and the bleak realities of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.