Brent Mason

Brent Mason is a singer-songwriter who has traversed diverse territories of tune and theme in more than 20 years of music-making, bringing back souvenirs from a range of lyrical lands, from folk and rock to pop, country and beyond, and making them all his own.

He’s something of a contradiction, that Brent: a folk singer who shuns that label, a solo performer who cares deeply about community, an instrumentalist whose guitar chops were hard-won over many years.

Mostly he’s a storyteller.

Singing or speaking, Brent Mason’s love of language shows. His live shows are legendary for their mix of narration and music, the former running from poetry to puns, the latter sampling from a menagerie of influences, from the novels of Jack Kerouac to music legends – Dylan, George Jones, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Lightnin’ Hopkins, The Band. It is easy to picture Brent playing around a campfire, or on a boxcar, or at a halfway house. He is someone for whom the open road and the characters at the margins of society have always beckoned.