Dennis E. Taylor is a retired computer programmer and project manager, now full-time writer. He lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia with his wife and daughter.
Dennis has been working with computers in one capacity or another for over forty years, and has been reading SF for over fifty. He began writing his first novel at the age of 57, essentially on a dare. Like computer programming and snowboarding, it turns out to be addictive on first use. Dennis is a mountain biker in the summer and a snowboarder in the winter. He likes running, cat pictures, and thinks sales and marketing is a punishment for something you did in a previous life.

The Singularity Trap

After scrimping and saving for two years, Ivan Pritchard lands a berth with the mining ship Mad Astra. His one share buys him six months of searching the asteroid belt for that elusive cache of metals that could make the entire crew wealthy, and allow Ivan to pull his family out of the depths of poverty.

While investigating a promising asteroid, Ivan triggers an extraterrestrial booby trap, which squirts a strange liquid substance onto his arm. The next morning, he wakes up to find his forearm turning into living metal. Soon his other limbs begin to change, and worse yet, there’s an artificial intelligence growing in his head and talking to him. As alien nanites eat his ship out from under him, the AI reveals its mission: to convert the solar system and the human race into a war machine meant to fight in an interstellar battle that has raged for millions of years.

To save his family—and the human race—Ivan will need to play a deadly game of brinkmanship with the military, all the while hiding his plans from both his crewmates and the alien computer residing in his brain.