Peter Breau doesn’t leap tall building with a single bound but he does write about heroes who do. Peter is a comic book, screen and fiction writer. He is currently lead writer for Mississippi Zombie, published by Antarctic Press, along with his creator-owned titles, The Unlucky and Koldfront. When not writing for ongoing titles G.R.E.E.N. GIANT (Lucky Comics) and S.E.M.I. HERO (Cataclysm Comics), he is re-branding characters for Aspyre Comics.

Peter is a proud published member of the Fundy Comics Art Society. He is especially proud of his story, and Monique McNaughton’s art, that has been archived by the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate – creator of Tarzan of the Apes.

Peter is also a frequent contributor to ENGEN Books’ Kit Sora Flash Fiction. He co-owns VinComStudios with twin brother John Breau and they are now in negotiations with CBC TV for mini-series called Dominion RED based on a script he has written. Peter currently lives with his wife Kelli and two children Dante and Jaden in Saint John.