Jason Murray is a journalist, teacher, and writer from Moncton, New Brunswick. His background includes degrees in Journalism and Education from St. Thomas University and a Master’s in Fine Arts from King’s. He has written for multiple publications – most recently Vice Canada. He’s spent the past thirty years trying to learn the subtle art of skateboarding and he’s now trying to figure out the mystery behind the drums and bass guitar.

In his narrative history and memoir, A Distorted Revolution: How Eric’s Trip Changed Music, Moncton and Me, Murray follows the rise of the band that put the Maritimes on the map. Eric’s Trip was a band defined as much by its DIY ethos as its low-fi, discordant music. The four-piece was formed in an early 1990s Moncton basement and, in a few short years, went from recording themselves on a four-track and selling cassettes at local record stores to signing on Seattle’s Sub Pop records, opening for Sonic Youth, and touring internationally.

Twenty years after the band’s breakup (1996), A Distorted Revolution is the ultimate nostalgia trip. Through personal recollections, interviews with band members and others integral to the early 90s Moncton music scene, this highly anticipated book offers a rare glimpse inside the band’s formation, success, and ultimate unraveling. The text includes over 20 images.

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